Globasl Systems Research

Global Systems Research is a leading Healthcare Informatics Company utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide an end-to-end solution for Medical Transcriptions. We offer multi-specialty transcriptions nationwide. Our system allows healthcare practitioner the flexibility to dictate toll-free 24/7/365 days a year from any touch-tone phone or via digital recorders.

TRANSCRIBE into EMR. We recognize the value of “TIME”. Our professional team can enter “patient notes” directly into your EMR system. This allows more time on patient care and less time on administration. We have a reputation to deliver unsurpassed Quality, Promptness and Customer Satisfaction.

Other offerings include: IT Managed Services, Technical Support and Data Analytics Services.

We look forward to a successful and long term partnership!

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Medical Transcriptions

✓ Multi-Specialty Transcriptions - Nationwide

✓ Dictate via “Digital Recorder” or “Toll Free”

✓ HIPAA Compliant Workflow System

✓ Premium “Two Tier” Quality Assurance

✓ Competitive Rates - Next day Service

✓ Free Training Offered to all New Clients

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IT Managed Services

✓ Remote Monitoring of Servers & PCs

✓ Repairs for Computers & Accessories

✓ Software Optimization & Upgrade

✓ Removal & Protection from Virus

✓ Network Designing & Configuration

✓ Data Backup and Recovery Services

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  Data Analytics 

Data analytics is the art and science of taking a large quantity of unstructured data and converting it into actionable and meaningful information that provides a basis for tactical and strategic decisions at all levels of your healthcare facilities.

Let us help your Healthcare facility unlock the “Wealth” of your archived patient data!

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