Medical Transcriptions

Medical Transcriptions

We provide state-of-the-art technology solution for Transcription Management. We offer multi-specialty transcriptions nationwide without the need for expensive capital investment. Our system allows healthcare practitioners the flexibility to dictate toll-free 24/7/365 days a year from any touch-tone phone or via digital recorder. Our professional team has been providing medical transcription services for over 20 years to clients ranging from multi-specialty Physician Groups to some of the major Hospitals, nationwide.

We can set up a new account within 24 hours without any inconvenience to your daily work routine and make this transition as seamless as possible. All of our clients receive personal attention to their individual needs. We work closely with Coding and Billing specialists and can assist you in streamlining your workflow processes.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the recognized leader in establishing medical transcription styles, forms and practices. 

Our staff has the professional transcription experience to meet the “documentation requirements” of today's healthcare professionals in all disciplines, as well as meeting the regulatory imperatives of HIPAA and the insurance industry, including but not limited to:

✓ Admission Notes & Consults
✓ History & Physicals
✓ Operative Notes
✓ Progress Notes
✓ Discharge Summaries
✓ Diagnostic Reports
✓ Emergency Room Reports
✓ Office Notes, Letters, SOAP Notes
✓ Independent Medical Examinations
✓ HMO, PPO & Managed Care
✓ Forensic & Pathology Evaluations

Transcription Management Platform:

We use a top-ranked state-of-the-art healthcare documentation service and technology provider. Our Web based transcription service platform provides Secure, Accurate and HIPAA compliant transcription management solution.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the transcription service industry, our core application was designed to manage the comprehensive process of transcription workflow and offer flexible, customizable solutions to meet the varying and scalable needs of any client.

The ASP based application utilizes an Internet backbone to provide Secure, Accessible and Digitally Encrypted Transcription and document management services.

Key Features in Transcription Management Platform:

✓ State of the art web based ASP technology platform
✓ HIPAA compliant & electronic encrypted file transfer
✓ Customized formats with multi-specialty capabilities
✓ 24/7/365 days access via toll free and or digital recorder
✓ Text archiving & optional voice file archiving available
✓ Detailed customer billing with complete audit trail feature

Key Benefits in our Medical Transcription Services:

✓ Free Access to Document Management Software
✓ Automated and Encrypted File Transfer
✓ No Capital Outlay
✓ No Software or Hardware Costs
✓ No Installation or Training Expenses
✓ No Maintenance or Software Upgrade Fees
✓ 100% Local Support Services

Why Outsource your Transcriptions:

✓ Decrease overhead expenses
✓ Increase office staff productivity
✓ Reduce physical office space
✓ Decrease equipment costs
✓ Eliminate hiring costly transcriptionist
✓ Eliminate extensive training process
✓ Eliminate dictation backlogs
✓ Quality control ensures accuracy & peace of mind!

Why Choose Global Systems Research:

✓ We can enter “Patient Notes” directly into your EMR Systems
✓ Multi-Specialty Transcriptions for Physicians & Hospitals Nationwide
✓ Dictate via “Digital Recorder” or “Toll Free” numbers  Anytime  &  Anywhere
✓ Next-day Service using State-of-the-Art “ASP” Technology Platform
✓ HIPAA Compliant “Workflow Management System” with Complete Audit Trail
✓ Premium “Two Tier” Quality Assurance is Guaranteed with all Specialties
✓ Free Training Offered to New Clients with Quick Account Set-Up to Dictate
✓ Competitive Rates without Compromising on Quality & Turn Around Time

Dictation options:

✓ Dictate from any telephone to our Toll Free dictation lines, available 24/7/365
✓ Use a hand held digital recorder (We recommend Olympus recorders)
✓ Continue to use your existing digital device
✓ Combine any of these methods to meet your needs

Delivery options:

✓ Secure e-mail delivery
✓ Hard copies printed in your office via fax
✓ Delivery via ASP Workflow Management Platform
✓ Transcribe directly into your EMR system
✓ Combine any of these methods to meet your needs


We only Charge per Line as per the Industry Standard.

Note:  A line count is calculated by the total number of characters with spaces divided by 65.

A character is defined as any keystroke necessary to produce a medical document including but not limited to: letters, numbers, spaces, or punctuation in the header, footer or body of a document.


We will provide you with a clearly defined & detailed invoice so that you can always verify your bill separated by department, physicians and patient with associated cost of each transcription.

Additional Premium Services:

✓ STAT dictation is available on request with an additional charge
✓ Transcribed reports faxed for an additional service charge
✓ Transcribed reports entered into your EMR for an additional service charge.

Attractive Volume Discounts:

Depending on the total number of lines transcribed per month our clients may be eligible for significant “volume discounts” on the gross billing.

Please call us for additional information.


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