Our Team

The greatest asset at Global Systems Research is our dedicated team of Transcriptionists and Quality Assurance Managers with over 20 years of diverse medical experience and multi-specialty expertise.

Our professionally trained staff provides the highest level of services. We have a growing and diverse team with a singular Vision – To enhance patient care by providing Accurate and Timely medical transcripts to our clients. Our Quality Assurance department is headed by an industry veteran who works tirelessly with the staff to review reports before they are sent to your facility.

We believe strongly in the quality gained from pairing dictators with transcriptionists. We have developed a pool of transcriptionists who are familiar with each dictator's Accent, Dialect, Style and Format. Quality Assurance is instrumental in delivering consistent quality as per your expectations.

Our team follows the guidelines and standards set forth by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (ADHI).




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