Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Healthcare Data: “The Hidden Wealth”

Data analytics is the art and science of taking a large quantity of data and converting it into actionable and meaningful information that provides a basis for tactical and strategic decisions at all levels of an organization.

Many healthcare facilities have stockpile of transcribed patient notes archived over time that were never imported into their EMR system. This data has an incredible value and knowledge base in improving patient care – We can help you consolidate, scan, index and mine this valuable data!

Introducing a powerful “Data Analytics” application designed to consolidate and index huge volumes of unstructured text from millions of sources into one combined data set. This business intelligent tool allows you run “Analytical” queries on millions of documents simultaneously through an intuitive users friendly browser screen. This Cloud-based solution does not require any investment in software or hardware installations.

Let us help you unlock the “Wealth” of your archived patient data!

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